Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 05 Review

Episode 5, "Assault! Count Brocken"


Synopsis: Dr. Kabuto and his bodyguard enter Mazinger's cockpit. Dr. Kabuto instructs Kouji how to use various features of the Mazinger, which is used to destroy Garada K7 and Doublas M2. However, he soon passes away from injuries sustained in his escape from Ashura, prompting Kouji to go into a rage and nearly kill the half-man, half-woman. Kouji is calmed by Sayaka. Ashura escapes and sees the arrival of Count Brocken, commander of Dr. Hell's air forces, who unleashes a Bomber Beast to destroy the town of Atami. Kouji is told by a mysterious woman to fire the Photon Beam.


The show is beginning to kick into gear now that Kouji's learned how to pilot Mazinger. The Rust Hurricane attack is pretty impressive, and I remember the Breast Beam from the first episode. I have a feeling Mazinger will find a way to fly pretty soon, too, since it's a necessity for taking on Count Brocken (I'd like to know how a guy's severed head can live seperately from its body, by the way), as well as that Photon Beam. It certainly seems to be a more capable robot than the useless Robot Corps mecha. I mean, they shouldn't have even bothered coming.

Dr. Kabuto has met his end here, unfortunately, making Kouji go on a rampage. I'm not sure whether I should be surprised he lasted so long or surprised he isn't still alive, considering what he's been through. Also, it appears it took him a while to figure out he was dead, too. I guess when you're that hotblooded, even if you're a scientist, you can't die even when you're dead (!). Too bad Kouji's little brother won't be getting a mecha of his own now. I have a feeling, though, Juuzo will still be making appearances.

I'd like to know who keeps interrupting the action with explanations, though. This time it was the Super Alloy Z explanation that came out of nowhere, and somehow the narrator was speaking to both the audience and the characters. It's a bit unnerving. I do somewhat enjoy the very unorthodox style of the program otherwise, though.

Overall Score:

3 out of 5

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