Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 10 Review

Episode 10, "Iron Wall! The Kurogane Five!"



Synopsis: Kouji is eager to take off in the Pilder to pilot Mazinger Z and fight the Mechanical Beasts ravaging Japan, but Tsubasa deems him unready. At this time, Baron Ashura's android women, the Gamia Q, arrive at Kurogane House to kill Kouji. As they chase him through the resort, Kouji recieves protection from Tsubasa's subordinates, who pick off one of the androids at a time. Kouji manages to get in the Pilder and take off, despite Tsubasa's wishes to the contrary.


Holy crap, that's what the old woman can do? She has super speed?! That's fucking awesome. In fact, forget all the flowery wording, this episode can only be described as "FUCKING AWESOME". I mean, that is if you only consider the colorful characters of the Kurogane House, and discount Kouji, Akokuji, and Shiro, though I'll admit some of the perverted antics of the latter two in the episode were pretty humorous.

So, okay, here's what we have thus far: a wickedly powerful, sneering woman who commands a group of mercenaries, a Geomon-like swordsman, a guy with super alloy mega punches, a near-immortal gunman with peerless shooting skills, and an elderly woman with light speed. Tell me why we're bothering with the giant robots, again? Then again, they remind me a lot of the cast of Giant Robo, another Imagawa directed anime. The giant robots, then, must be dressing.

This episode bleeds awesome. If it spat at you, it's saliva would be composed of awesome, and you would only be more awesome yourself for having been spat on.

Still, what's with those Robot Corps losers? They can't accomplish anything. They might as well stay home, they're probably causing more damage taking on the Mechanical Beasts then if they had just not fought them at all. Even Sayaka is just embarrassing herself. They should melt down their robots and make one that doesn't suck. Then give it to, I don't know, Tsubasa to pilot. I suppose, though, they need those losers to be in the series to make Kouji and the Mazinger look amazing in comparison.

4 out of 5 (because of Tsubasa and her crew)

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