Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 14 Review

Episode 14, "Shame! The Sin of the Kaburo Family Laid Bare!"


Synopsis: Ankokuji spots Baron Ashura and his troops on their way to Stroheim's mansion and disguises himself as one of them to get in and retrieve Gamia. Stroheim reveals to Shiro that Tsubasa is his mother, having had a child with Kenzo Kabuto, who worked with Juuzo, Dr. Hell, and himself. Shiro finds this impossible to believe and turns to leave, but Lorelei implores him to stay, or else he'll get lost in the fog. Ashura comes to claim Stroheim's robot for Dr. Hell, but Stroheim fights back, causing him/her and the troops to flee. Ankokuji meets up with Shiro, but Shiro wants to rescue Lorelei before he leaves. While in discussion, Tsubasa and Stroheim are interrupted by a hologram image of Lorelei, which transforms into Kenzo Kabuto, claiming to have returned from the dead.


What the hell? So, wait, Tsubasa is Kouji and Shiro's mother? Kenzo Kabuto is still alive? Tsubasa was formerly engaged to Dr. Stroheim? This episode is full of surprise twists and revelations which, uh, well, are of mixed value. It certain remains an interesting program, though. I guess since they're halfway through the series, this is the most opportune time to start revealing earth-shattering secrets, and they seem to do it pretty casually, even with the dramatic music that accompanies it.

What is with Tsubasa, anyway? One minutes she's the ice queen badass, and the next she's a broken down, vulnerable young woman, clinging to Stroheim, crying as she sits and talks about being a traitor. Is she demented, or what? I mean, she just writes off being called Shiro's mother like it's incidental, like she doesn't give a shit, but when it comes to Kenzo, she's absolutely shocked. What the fuck is wrong with this woman? I'm hoping most of this is an act.

Another weird thing is that we get a scene which is in the first episode in its entirety, the scene with Stroheim discussing things with Tsubasa while the hologram of Lorelei lies there. But the first episode is supposed to take place well after all this, right? And we also get Stroheim's little history lesson on Zeus from the first episode. This show is getting a little too weird for its own good.

That said, it's still a very entertaining episode. With Imagawa at the helm, you know it'll add up eventually, but the ride is a little jerky.

Oh, and for some reason, there's a new ED song! Sort of generic-sounding, but then, so was the first one.

Overall Score:

3 out of 5

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