Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 15 Review

Episode 15, "Showdown! The Sorrowful Blue Danube!"


Synopsis: The hologram of Kenzo Kabuto is revealed to be a program placed in Gamia to fool Stroheim. Baron Ashura returns to the mansion with a Mechanical Beast borrowed from Count Brocken, demanding to be given the Danube, Stroheim's giant robot. Ashura is able to use his/her staff to control it, but is confronted by Stroheim. Ashura counters the scientist's electric shock, sending him falling off of the Mechanical Beast to his death. As he lay dying, Stroheim reveals Lorelei's true nature, the core of the Danube, and instructs her to take control of it. She complies, much to his delight, and destroys the Mechanical Beast. She then challenges the reactivated Mazinger Z, but Kouji overcomes her. Shiro cries as the Danube, and Lorelei, destroyed, call his name.


I saw shades of Gundam 0080 in the tragedy of Shiro and Lorelei in this episode, a beautifully sad conclusion to the arc of the past few episodes. While I felt like the Kenzo part sort of concluded with a cop-out and then wasn't mentioned again in the episode, the rest of the episode was gold. It shows that you don't need to have all sorts of non-stop, madcap action going on at all times, even in this show.

First, I was surprised at how supportive Count Brocken was of Baron Ashura. Does he respect Ashura's persistence, or was he trying to get Ashura to dig a deeper hole for him/herself? Ashura was certainly sure of him/herself, but predictably underestimated Stroheim. The poor thing just can't get it right. I guess he/she will recover from this, though, since Ashura was in the first episode, which takes place much later, chronologically. Dr. Hell is not going to be pleased, though.

I cannot begin to fathom the absolute brutality of Tsubasa. The woman was obviously playing around with Stroheim, messing with his feelings for her, because she smirked when she revealed that she was the one who killed him, not Juuzo. As for whether or not she's really the mother of Kouji and Shiro, we'll have to wait to find out, but she was certainly willing to entertain the idea of letting Stroheim use Shiro. She's a hard woman.

I feel worse for poor Shiro. I'm guessing he won't soon get over the tragedy of Lorelei. I'm predicting him distancing himself from his brother for a while, or else doing something reckless in a desire to "avenge" her.

Overall Score:

4.5 out of 5 (best episode of the series yet)

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