Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 16 Review

Episode 16, "Exhumation! Battle Intelligence Kedora!"


Synopsis: Upset by the revelation of his parentage, Kouji decides that he and Shiro will live at the Photon Power Labs, ignoring Tsubasa's advice to him. Unable to sleep at night, he talks with Sayaka, but they're interrupted by Mazinger Z, which has been put under control of Kedora, a strange creature Dr. Hell has sent. Kedora, as it happens, is the battle intelligence for the Mechanical Beasts, and transforms Mazinger into a giant demon. With Tsubasa's help, Kouji is able to regain control and drive Kedora away. Dr. Hell is then confronted by someone who slumbered in the chamber where the Kedora were kept: Duke Gorgon.



Well, it looks like we're finally getting a reaction from the revelation of Kouji and Shiro's parentage by Tsubasa, and, understandably, Kouji is in denial about it. He even brings up the point I've been wondering: why, if Tsubasa is their mother, had she not brought it up in all this time? She was living so close to them for years and then took them in when Juuzo died, why not tell them? The episode gives us a little hint as to why, as Tsubasa repeats what Stroheim had said, that she had killed their father. But would somebody like Tsubasa really be so overcome by that she couldn't raise the children, or is she just not the motherly type?

One thing I wasn't prepared for was the beginning of some actual character development for Sayaka. Well, maybe not character development per se, but at least interaction outside of battle between her and Kouji. He already seems pretty fond of her, despite her being the reason why he was dragged into that whole Saluud thing a few episodes back. He's a pretty forgiving guy when it comes to her. I just hope they don't just suddenly become a couple out of nowhere.

Kedora is a really creepy creature. It's ability to transform Mazinger into a giant demon was pretty impressive, though. I guess it really is the "battle intelligence" for the Mechnical Beasts, though that's perhaps not saying much, since they get their asses kicked pretty easily by Mazinger, and Kedora was no different. I have a feeling that, given the hints, Kedora (or one of them) took control of Kouji's father and Tsubasa had no choice but to kill him. It was pretty badass when Tsubasa and Kouji worked together to defeat the thing.

This Duke Gorgon seems to rattle even Dr. Hell, but we won't get to see why until next week, I suppose.

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5


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