Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 18 Review

Episode 18, "Obliteration! Mycenae Armageddon!"


Synopsis: Kouji, Tsubasa, Ashura, and others are trapped in the Kedora's memory world, watching events involving Duke Gorgon and Ashura's former selves. Ashura is captured and the others escape at the apparent cost of Cross and Yasu's lives. Gorgon seals Tristan and Iseult away in anticipation of Hades' arrival. Then he tricks Zeus into thinking Ashura is a sacrifice, and Hades strikes, injuring him. Django and Master sacrifice themselves to defeat Gorgon while Kouji uses the Mazinger to fight Garadoubla. Tsubasa convinces Ashura to open the gate to where the Kedora is and kills it while Kouji joins Zeus in defeating Hades. Kouji, Tsubasa, and Ashura return to the real world, only to see the Kedora's final revelation, which features Kouji's father and Dr. Hell finding Ashura's cacoon.


Things get a little more intense in this episode, with Kouji in the Mazinger teaming up with Zeus himself to fight Hades and Garadoubla. But as entertaining as that was (especially with Mazinger standing on Zeus' shoulder), it still wasn't as exciting as some of the moves of Tsubasa's gang. Unfortunately, three of them are now apparently dead, which begs the question, who're the guys in the first episode that takes place later on? They did have epic deaths, but if they come back, it'll seem sort of pointless.

I'm not sure I'm getting all this history right, anyway. So, the "gods" (really some sort of aliens) were using Earth as a garrison in their war, but Gorgon and his allies want to wipe out humanity, while Zeus wishes to preserve them, even if he has to betray his comrades. Gorgon hatches a plot to get Zeus to take off his gold shine and have Hades kill him. And somehow this plan involves putting Tristan and Iseult in the cacoon for later? What part of this makes sense?

I think I'm more interested in the next episode, where we might finally see why Tsubasa had to kill Kouji's father. I'm standing by my theory that one of the Kedora took over his body and she was forced to put him out of his misery. However, it seems it may involve Ashura, as well.

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5

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