Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 20 Review

Episode 20, "Grudge! The Longest Day at Kurogane House: Part 2"


Synopsis: As Kouji in the Mazinger battles what seems to be his father in the Energer Z, Tsubasa recalls the events that led to the death of Tetsuya Tsurugi. It's revealed that Kenzo Kabuto was a Dr. Hell sympathizer and planned to join him in his plans to take over the world with the Mechanical Beasts. With the help of Zeus' hand, Tetsuya managed to pin down the traitorous Kenzo just long enough for Tsubasa to fire at him. In present time, Tsubasa confronts "Ashura", really Pygman in disguise, but is ready nevertheless to reveal the location of Zeus' hand.


I realize that Dr. Hell was saving Energer Z for the right time, but really, was there any time that wouldn't have been good to unleash the robot that can apparently kick the crap out of your enemy's robot with little effort? Also, if the real Kenzo Kabuto has been alive the whole time, why has it taken so long for him to show up, too? I really can't wrap my mind around Dr. Hell's strange planning. If he wanted to, he could have seized control a long time ago. What was stopping him? He's been fooling around this whole time! What a douche.

Tsubasa and Juuzo's past grows ever the more interesting with every revelation. So, not only was Dr. Hell a traitor at some point to the group, but Kouji's father, too? Fuck, man. I mean, I suspected he was taken over by a Kedora (which might still be the case, look at him with those weird tentacle/bug arm-like things) and Tsubasa was forced to kill him, but I didn't realize things were quite like this. Of course, one might ask, "Why the hell would Tetsuya have a grudge against Tsubasa if she did exactly what he wanted her to?"

One might also ask, "When did Tsubasa change from her fragile, 'oh dear, Mr. Kabuto, save me!' personality to her hardened, 'fuck you, Stroheim, die' personality?" Because seeing her stomp Pygman at the end of the episode, quite frankly, made me feel a little frisky. Is it possible to love this character even more than I already do?

Oh, and I guess Kouji was doing some things here, too. But who gives a fuck? Kouji Kabuto can go die in lava.

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5

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