Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 21 Review

Episode 21, "Grudge! The Longest Day at Kurogane House: Part 3"


Synopsis: Tsubasa summons the arm of Zeus from its hiding spot- the Japanium ore pile underneath the Photon Power Labs. The pilot of Energer Z is revealed to be Count Brocken, who activates its self-destruct program to combat the arm. Thanks to a computer program on board the Mazinger, Kouji is able to use the power of Zeus's arm to destroy the Energer Z. To protect herself from being targeted, Tsubasa invites detectives from across Japan to protect her at the Kurogane House, along with the returning Kurogane Five. Also returning is Akokuji, who brings with him a reprogrammed Gamia, as well as news that the real Kenzo Kabuto is still alive. As they prepare for the upcoming battle, Dr. Hell attacks with Bardos Island itself.


Will the real Kenzo Kabuto please stand up? I mean, sometime soon? He's dead, he's alive, he's dead, he's alive. It's a hologram, it's Brocken. He's in hiding. Come Halloween, is he the most popular costume, or do they go for the Ashura and Akokuji ones? Everybody seems to be capable of constructing perfect disguises in this program. Who taught them, Lupin III?

I hope we get a detailed explanation for how Cross and the others managed to survive their apparent deaths in that strange dream/flashback world of the Kedora. Because it wasn't real? Didn't they feel the pain from wounds, though? I'm pretty sure there's no reason for Yasu to still be alive. He exploded himself! Well, he is a character in a super robot show, directed by Imagawa.

So now Mazinger has two new features. One, some sort of program that manifests itself as a hologram of Juuzo Kabuto (and retains some of his personality) and the God Scrander, which lets Mazinger... turn into a giant golden fist! Er, okay. I guess that's pretty cool. I guess that explains some of what went on in the first episode. Good for Mazinger. Even the losers in the Robot Corps... er, Mazinger Corps... got to be less than useless with the upgrades to their machines. I wonder if Sayaka will end up doing something of value next.

Doctor Hell is getting pretty fed up with all the failures, and now appears to going at things at full force. But it was stupid for him to have waited so long to use Energer. Now with it destroyed, he's forced to use Bardos Island itself. He's not a good strategist at all. It looks like Ashura, apparently with him the whole time, is somehow instrumental to his plan.

Both Kouji and Shiro are beginning to get more comfortable with referring to Tsubasa as their mother. It was an interesting scene between Kouji and Tsubasa when he thanked her and it was revealed that Tetsuya was her brother, something she only found out after his death. But that doesn't explain why he has a grudge. Or is that not the reason he appeared? Well, whatever, his part of the story seems to be over.

Overall Score:

4 out of 5

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