Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - Episode 24 Review

Episode 24, "Deadline! Dr. Hell's Full-Scale Assault"

"Bitch, don't forget who the REAL female lead is... in fact, I'm more like the main lead of the show.""OH SHI-"


Synopsis: As Kouji arrives at the place of duel with Baron Ashura, Dr. Hell's armies begin their full-scalle assault on Atami. Sayaka leaves the Kurogane House to return to the Photon Power Labs. Tsubasa tells her to forget the shadow she saw while staying there. The Kurogane bunch prepare to fight the oncoming enemy. Ankokuji and Gamia are thrown into a special oubliette. God Scrander is launched to help Kouji and Mazinger, who are locked in combat with several Mechanical Beasts, as Kouji has been led into a trap. Viscount Pygman has arrived in Atami ahead of the rest of Count Brocken's forces and prepares to attack the Photon Power Labs. However, Baron Ashura has meanwhile begun attacking the city itself. It turns out that the Ashura robot at the duel is two other Mechanical Beasts in disguise. The Mazinger Corps launch into combat as Pygman arrives. A figure arrives at the prison Akokuji has been put in. Kouji finds himself overwhelmed by the number of enemies and their great power. The Kurogane forces go into battle with Dr. Hell's forces, with Boss using his Boss Borot robot to intercept a giant missile. Pygman tricks the scientists and gains access to the lab, but Sayaka's father self-destructs the entire facility. Meanwhile, Kenzo Kabuto appears before Tsubasa. Enraged, she attacks him.

"Well, there goes the Loser Corps. I'd better get ready to pick up their corpses."Hey, is that a recolored Giant Robo punching Mazinger?


It's been a while! Sorry I haven't reviewed any Mazinger for so long! I'm back at it now, though.

The final battle for Atami and the Photon Power has begun, with Dr. Hell's armies attacking and Tsubasa's forces putting up quite a fight. In fact, things are finally getting back to the happenings of the first episode of the show, with bits of it played here. Unfortunately, Kouji in the Mazinger has been led into a trap that seperates him from the battle, so hopefully God Scrander will arrive in time to be of use to him, because those Mechanical Beasts he's fighting are pretty tough. My favorite part of the fighting is all the people fighting under Tsubasa, though. She's full of surprises.

Speaking of surprises, Boss finally makes himself useful and launches his patchwork robot, the Boss Borot, catching a huge missile Ashura fired at the Kurogane House. I don't know exactly why the thing had to be buried, though. I guess in case one of the enemy robots got really close, it could surprise it? Boss seems to have proved much more useful than those losers in the Mazinger Corps, who can't get a damn thing done without Kouji around.

Pygman proves himself to be pretty clever again, tricking the scientists, but they had the last laugh with the Photon Power Lab exploding. Uh, but isn't that the end of the game, then? I mean, the entire point of attacking Atami was to get ahold of the Japanium ore and the Photon Power technology, right? Though judging by the first episode of the program, it's not over yet.

I'd like to get some kind of bead on what the hell Kenzo Kabuto's motives are, whether he's on Dr. Hell's side, or not. Whatever the case, Tsubasa is none to happy to see him.

Boss Borot: All of the Boss, none of the failure!He makes a mean omlette.

Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5

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