Sterilize Americans- Enough McChildren

I'm getting pretty tired of these selfish parents who have six, seven children, when they cannot possibly provide or care for them all. These are the same heinous fuckwits who get touchy when you tell them that perhaps more judicious reproduction on their part might've saved society the burden of having to cradle their greasy American shit spawns. God forbid, anyone should act responsibly and reproduce only within their means. More to the point, god forbid anyone even mention that they're burdening society! Why, you'll be accused of fascism! Of trying to control another person's choices.

Fuck them. Beat them in public.

I know what you're thinking- but Michael, how can you say such things? You don't know what it's like for people, maybe some of them can take care of several children! Or, maybe you're thinking that I'm being too draconian in my judgement. Perhaps so. But consider the consequences of irresponsible reproduction. Let's take a bit of an extreme example here.

Say that Man X and Woman X decide to engage in reproductive activity. As they are religitards (meaning, really, belong to any formal Western religion of note) of the highest order, they don't believe in using contraceptives. Woman X gets pregnant. This couple also happens to be against abortion, and regardless of the fact that they lack the resources to take care of the child, the mother decides to rear it, and the burden goes to the government and taxpayers. Child X is then a problem of the state.

Let's get this out of the way- if they put this kid in an orphanage, nobody's giving a shit about him, he's still a problem. Nobody wants to adopt an American kid. People who adopt get children from overseas. It's the thing to do. They see Angelina Jolie do it, they want to, Zahara, et al. American kids are fucked if they're put up for adoption. So, the taxpayers have to raise these kids, essentially.

Now, back to our lovely family. Man X, Woman X, and Child X. Okay, so just one child, right? With some hard work and ingenuity, a couple can (hopefully) band together to raise a single child. Now, keep in mind this relies on the notion that these two can actually raise this child as a couple, successfully. Let's say, then, they continue to reproduce. They have two, three, four more children. Now, let's say their financial situation hasn't changed. No, let's say that it's even improved. Regardless, they have brought more children into a society already overtaxed in its resources. Why? Because they felt inclined to have a family, felt it was what people do, or just didn't use contraceptives. Whatever. Irrelevant at this point. The point is, more people, less room, less resources, more burden.

Now, even if they happen to raise these children to be normal, well-adjusted, contributors to society, they still burdened society somewhat. But let's now factor in problems. Let's say they didn't. The more children you have, the less attention you can give to each individual child. Imagine these hedonists with six or seven children. These baby machine Women Xs. Now imagine Man X is a dead beat father. Imagine there's a downturn in the economy. Imagine a war hits, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, whatever. Factor in everything, factor in just one thing, it makes no difference. It ends up burdening the society in which these children lives.

I don't know about you, but if I get stabbed by some Child X on the way to the movie theater because Woman X didn't hug him enough or Man X didn't provide enough food to keep him fed, and I have to pay hospital bills AND for his stay at prison through taxes, I'm going to be a pretty pissed off guy.

Guys, do me a favor, wear a fucking condom. Nobody needs any more greasy McChildren, fat thoughtless shitstains packed into overlarge vehicles which pollute the environment. Society has it bad enough without your children screaming in the middle of college classes because you were too much of a "player" to wear a rubber and the mother can't afford a babysitter because you skipped out on her fat pregnant ass.

Gals, stop being whores.

That's all.

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