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Otaku Evolution Episode 199 - Top 10 Otaku Evolution Videos


There's not a whole lot of commentary I can provide for this one... mostly because it IS commentary on other commentaries. It's turtles all the way down. And this won't be the only favorites list this year, either. You can say I've gotten lazy, but I've been working nonstop on the 200th video (so far it's over 40 minutes long).

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Otaku Evolution Episode 40 - Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa

It's my 40th episode and first year anniversary of Otaku Evolution! Ah, I remember when I first started barely audibly reviewing anime with the one or two sprite poses I used a year ago, with my four-part FMA review. So it was appropriate, then, that this episode was for the movie follow-up, wherein Edward Elric fights a snake dragon, meets Fritz Lang, and basically starts his own little war with the help of his brother. So enjoy this beautiful, flawed, beautifully flawed and entertaining movie, Conqueror of Shamballa.


- Penguin Truth


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