Otaku Evolution Episode 102 - Vandread


It's September, so naturally it's time for another Action Channel Month (though I've fallen behind a bit, so expect some delays/bleeding into October). The Encore Action Channel provided me with a lot of anime to chew on in the early aughts, just when my anime fandom was kicking in highest gear, but they weren't all Macross Plus and Metropolis. Some of them were just Vandread, a show that's... well, somewhat memorable, at least, if just for the premise alone.

A crew of lady space pirates and three unlucky (or very lucky, depending on your perspective) men are thrust together in a desperate clash for survival against an alien threat. The problem is, in this far flung future, men and women live on separate planets, so part of survival includes enduring the culture shock! Vandread combines harem-ish antics, mecha action, and gender politics, but is it more than the sum of its parts? Well... eh...
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