Otaku Evolution Episode 180 - Bubblegum Crash


Ugh, Bubblegum Crash. I love Bubblegum Crisis, for every little awkward quirk and lopsided plot beat in it. It's one of my favorite anime. But its so-called "sequel" is such a huge disappointment. It just feels so meager and watered-down. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like it takes place in the same world Crisis did, because it completely ignores a lot of what went on previously. Except that it has Largo in it, whose return is an even bigger disappointment. A giant fucking drill is his best plan? He had an orbital laser last time, and his weapon is a big drill this time? What is this shit? You can taste the bitterness just watching my video here.

And yet, I couldn't summon the same level of disgust and hatred for this as I did for, say, Tenchi Muyo OVA 3, or Gundam 0083. Strange, that. I guess Crash is just disappointing in an exhausting way, rather than an enraging one.

Oh, and I did some stuff for the Lithos/Morran storyline I've been working on this year. I've been running behind, too, but I have a place to get to at the end of the year, and hopefully it'll make sense there, if I can get everything together right. If it doesn't pan out, well, just enjoy the ride.


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