Otaku Evolution Episode 222 - Mid Year English Dub Review VIII

I'm getting tired of having my videos handicapped by overzealous IP holders and foreign licensors. I just want to do anime review videos, not show entire episodes or movies. Can't these greedy corporate cocksuckers give me a fucking break? I had to edit this video a bunch of times, if you can't notice. It boils my blood.

My Mid Year English Dub Review is my opportunity to discuss in more detail the English dubs of the anime I've reviewed in the first half of my year in videos. Fortunately, I haven't had to endure too many bad dubs over this period of time. I wasn't overly fond of the dubs for G Gundam dub, AD Police Files, or Revolutionary Girl Utena, sure, but I had the dubs of Lupin III: Episode 0: First Contact, Big O, and Black Jack that more than compensated.

I'm also continuing my little depression storyline that reflects some of my real life struggles.


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