Too Hot For Channel Awesome: What Got Me Banned From Commenting At TGWTG

My thoughts on the latest episode of Doug Walker's Demo Reel on 




The only thing less funny than Demo Reel is Uncle Yo. The man has never approached humorous in his entire life. Except it's humorous how people think he's entertaining, so I guess that counts for something.


No, he's just awful. I've had funnier bowel movements. I've heard more laughter at Sloan Kettering. Pagliacci elicits more chuckles. Uncle Yo isn't anti-humor, he's negative-humor. He actually destroys existing humor. Things that were previously amusing, mirthful, and jolly have now become permanently devoid of said funny. For instance? Ghostbusters is now not funny, because Uncle Yo once came in contact with it. Go watch it again. Seriously. It's now no longer funny, because of him. He is anti-matter to humor. Un-humor, I'd call it. When he comes into contact with comedy, it is destroyed in a blaze of hackiness.


The only one who seems to avoid draining from that massive black hole called Uncle Yo is Rob. Rob is basically the one saving grace of this series. The blithe, amusing, and merry somehow cling to the farce that is existence based entirely on Rob's performance as a hilariously wicked German.If only he could channel some of that hilarity to the others, Doug's sad, comedically barren "co-stars", rightfully relegated to B-plots with D-writing, like the not-ready-for-Groundlings players they aspire to be.


Who cobbled together the half-baked "story" for this episode? Did Doug just decide, "Fuck it, I'm going to a convention, I might as well find some eighth-stringer geek celeb that is right behind Piano Squall in relevance to hang out with and we can film it and call it an episode"? Is it a commentary on his character or the ever-widening gap between the age range of his original audience and his encroaching hasbeen years? Perhaps an acknowledgement of his utter failure to find an audience for this series? A subtle suicide note for Channel Awesome? One truly wonders.


But hey, I watched the damn thing. Joke's on me. And it's the only funny thing about this.





I guess I was wrong. There are now two things that are funny about it: Me watching the whole thing and being banned for posting the above.


Oh, and Uncle Yo is the "anime con comedian". He stands in the Hall of C-List Con Guests next to the statue of Peter S. Beagle and Piano Squall. Painfully unfunny.



Er, I plan to finish the Bond article soon... yeah.



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