Voice Actor Comparison: Dragon Ball - Son Goku (Child)

My pick: Masako Nozawa Reasoning: Nozawa's child Goku is spritely, spirited, and has little nuances to it that are perfect for the character, who's been living out in the woods on his own for so long. Naldony's Goku has a similar "wild" edge to it, but I can't stand her laugh and lacks that sense of charm Nozawa had. Clinkenbeard and Henderson's Gokus are similar, but I find Henderson's Goku is too collected, while Clinkenbeard's has a bit of a rougher quality like Naldony's, but with better acting. Slusar's Goku sounds a lot like the English voice for kid Kuririn in the Funimation dub. I'd say it's also a bit like Henderson's, but that's not necessarily a good thing. I was actually kind of a fan of Ceyli Delgadillo's Goku, because it sounded genuinely like a young boy's voice, almost like a character from the Peanuts cartoons. It had a warm charm to it, but it lacked that extra enthusiasm Goku's voice should have. The UK dub Goku is... uh... no. Breakdown: Nozawa > Clinkenbeard > Naldony = Delgadillo > Henderson = Slusar > Unknown (UK Dub)

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