Falldog Hobby Works' Custom Acrylic Bases - A Guide

As some of you know I’ve started making custom acrylic bases for Gunpla and other models. I wanted to put together a quick guide to them that answers questions with more detail than I can throw into Etsy. 

Everything I do is geared toward folks who want to add something special to their kits. Acrylic bases, etched or otherwise, add a custom look and feel. In addition the added weight makes displaying kits in lofty positions a lot easier.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check my Etsy storefront!

Acrylic Basics

All my bases are custom laser cut as orders come in. Assuming my laser doesn’t take a shit on me (knock on wood, there are tons of ways for it to become a giant expensive paperweight) I can usually cut and ship orders within a few days. This on demand process makes it easier to adjust to specific requests and offer any combination of colour and designs. 

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