Anime Moment: Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone - Gohan Gets Drunk On Demon Fruit

I recently ordered the three first DBZ movies on DVD in a fit of reckless nostalgia. I found a great deal, though, since I bought the original DVDs, with the Ocean dub. The movies escaped the early censorship the series got, and I get bilingual discs that include the superior Ocean cast (with Peter Kelamis, Goku in season 2)! Fuckwin.

11 Features Snow Leopard Needs To Have

With the eventual release of Apple's OSX "Snow Leopard" there are a few things I'd like to see added along the the current slurry of performance updates. Before I get into the features I believe it'd be in best interest to mention where I'm coming from with these suggestions. I'm not an Apple fanboy (or Microsoft/Linux fanboys for that matter) and feel that of the three main OS"s out there each has it's pros and cons. I got my first Mac (a beautiful 24in iMac which I adore) just over 7 months ago and things, for the most part, have been good since. I figured I know nothing about OSX so I might as well be a big geek, get one, and see how things go. Better to know multiple systems than work on a single one anyway. I still use my windows laptops often, both running XP. I used Vista for a while when it first came out, in a machine that wasn't the least bit equipped to run it, only to go back to XP later.

FOX rips off Cover Flow

Less than half an hour ago I sat down to catch some classic Simpsons, particularly Radio Bart, the one where Bart ticked Springfield about a boy being stuck in a well, later to fall in himself. During an early commercial break I noticed something familiar, Apple's Cover Flow. However to my surprise it wasn't yet another cheesy Mac ad, but a commercial for the local FOX 5 News...

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