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Sazabi ver. Ka - Almost Complete

I haven't said much about this project on OR but I figure the day before it's finally complete is a good a time as any to post some work-in-progess shots. Painting wise, everything is complete. Decals are on (surprisingly without major incident) and the top coat is on. I'm just making a few small detail tweaks where and there as I assemble the kit for the last time.

Take a look at some of the pieces as they're starting to come together...



MG Nu Gundam - Clear Part Campaign Review

One kit I managed to acquire recently was the re-released MG Nu Gundam w/ clear parts per Bandai's "Clear Part Campaign." I say re-released because unlike the MG Victory w/ clear parts, which featured the initial release with an extra runner thrown in and a slip on the box, the MG Nu box is all new. Well, and all new print. The design is the same, just a yellow banner around the outside, some new tags, a picture on one side of the clear parts. All of the other runners are exactly the same as before, but now there's an additional clear "G" runner. It contains parts for the fin funnels as well as the outer armor for one leg and one arm. So, without further ado, some poor snap shots of the clear parts themselves...
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