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PG Exia - Gunk Washing the Stand

For my PG Exia build, which I have been too lazy to share WIP images of here, I decided to gunk wash the stand. I wanted to create a nice contrast between the clean kit and the grimy hanger scene I'm going for. All in all, I think it turned out well. In addition I'm prepping some old action bases for a proper gunk wash tutorial!


Here's how the stand looked before the gunk wash. Just a bit of paint, some pre-shading, decals, and a flat coat...


Where to Start - Getting into Gundam (2022 Edition)

As a moderator over at /r/Gundam I often see folks asking how to get into the franchise and what shows to watch. Hopefully this guide will help you along that path.



If you don't have time to go through and read, it's best to pick with one of the below series:  

Start with this
  Or pick one of these

Mobile Suit Gundam


Gundam 0080

Gundam 00



G Gundam

Iron Blooded Orphans

Iron Blooded Orphans 



Note that the above are in no order of preference or recommendation. Why I think they're four good starting points is detailed below.

If you can't be bothered as to finding out why the above are recommended, or just want me to make the decision for you, then watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam. The full series, all 43 episodes, is the best way to go. Though many will argue that the movies are a valid alternative.


SD 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G - Review on GGIN


A snippet from the review...


In my reviews I try to present the kit as how a proper straight build would look, aka nothing more than some simple nub removal and whatever main stickers are required to ‘finish’ the kit. Since this snap out method is new to me I figured I’d give it a shot. The results, for better or worse, you can see in the photos. All this, though, wraps back to my thoughts regarding SD kits. In my opinion they are both the easiest kits to build, and the hardest.

Perhaps I should explain? SD kits appeal to a very young modeling base. They’re cute, adorable, and very easy to build. No sharp instruments are required, no precision piece fitting. They’re suitable for any age, granted your youngin’ doesn’t like to eat small things. Stickers are easy to apply and most kits aren’t too concerned with fine details. Yet, to achieve those details, that requires a lot of talent.

Read the full review, and check out the pictures, at GG Infinite News!

Gundam 00 Movie - New PV

There's a new PV just starting to make the rounds for the new Gundam 00 movie, A wakening of the Trailblazer. It seems a bit early for one, but who cares, this trailer is 100x more exciting than the previous releases I've seen. Take a look...

Finished GN-X

After a decent delay my MG GN-X has been finished. (All images link to Flickr)
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For whatever reason the paint I applied clips realllly easily. Had to do a lot of touch ups prior to my final top coat. The poses are sort of lack luster because I didn't want to risk causing more damage than there already is. Unfortunately the arm isn't strong enough to hold the huge gun on it's own.
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