Falldog's Gunpla Projects

Here's a list of my completed projects in more-or-less order from the most recent completion to when I first got back into the hobby in 2007. You'll notice various spurts of improvements and, if you're like me, may cringe at some of my earlier works. Below are all of the projects that I've completed. The number of projects currently straight built or in mid-project state are too numerous to count. For a better list of those check out my Flickr gallery.


Wounded ReZEL WIP Update 01

Built this guy a few weeks ago, finally had sometime to get started on it today. (Mainly because I've all but run out of paint for last pieces of my FA Unicorn)

Anyhow, this is a short and simple attempt at a battle worn ReZEL inspired by the Unicorn episode two. While in the ep, the leg is severed at the knee, I thought that would be too easy. So I decided to cut (err, melt) at the thickest part.

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Full Armor Unicorn Prototype Ver. Introduction

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A while back I set into motion a rather ambitious project. A third MG Unicorn themed off of the Full Armor version.

It's not going to have all of the bells and whistles though. It'll be toned down a little bit, but should be impressive none the less. It'll also feature a four toned paint job (white, light gray, gray, dark gray) and a brilliant metalic green for the psycho frame.