Falldog's Gunpla Projects

Here's a list of my completed projects in more-or-less order from the most recent completion to when I first got back into the hobby in 2007. You'll notice various spurts of improvements and, if you're like me, may cringe at some of my earlier works. Below are all of the projects that I've completed. The number of projects currently straight built or in mid-project state are too numerous to count. For a better list of those check out my Flickr gallery.


Don't forget to check out my overall collect and the kit reviews I've done.



MG Pyscho Zaku Thunderbolt Diorama



Customized MG Banshee Gundam

RG Gundam Banshee Norn Destroy Mode - Lighting Model

MS IGLOO Inspired Takom PL-01 Tank

1/350 and 1/500 Space Battleship Yamato



Blue Destiny Unit 1 vs. Efreet Custom


MG Unicorn Gundam - Marida Cruz Custom

RG Unicorn Gundam - ver TWC Lighting Model - 5 Day Build

PG Exia Gundam


MG Desert Kampfer

1/60 (PG) Dragon Momoko Unicorn Gundam


Heaven & Hell Redux - Hell Unicorn

PG Final Battle Unicorn

PG Banshee Gundam


Elyn Hobby Kshatriya

yaku Shiki 2.0 Project - Pale Rider

'One Week' PG Unicorn

Kotobukiya's White Glint



MG Sazabi ver. Ka

MG Unicorn and MG Phenex "Heaven & Hell"

MG Unicorn "Caged Unicorn"



MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka

Kotobukiya's Metal Gear REX

MG Sinanju Stein

MG Full Armor Unicorn "Clear Expo Version"



MG Delta Plus

MG Z'Gok "Project RaDGoK"

PG Zaku II

MG AGE-1 Titus "Ground Gundam"

MG Unicorn Gundam "Project NUnicorn"

MG Banshee Gundam "ver. Titans"

Hard Graph Semovente MBT



PG Strike Freedom

MG Nemo

MG Nemo "Light of the Living Nemo"



MG Unicorn Gundam "Banshee Custom"

MG Crossbone Full Cloth

MG Victory Gundam

MG Nu Gundam


MG Ez-8 Gundam

MG Red Frame

MG Unicorn Gundam "Full Armor Prototype"

MG "Wounded" ReZel



MG RX-78-3 & RX-78-4

MG Sinanju

MG Gouf Custom "Soviet Custom"

MG Exia Ignition Mode

MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise


2008 & Older

PG Wing Zero

MG Turn A Gundam

PG Strike Rouge

EX Hildolfr

MG Ball ver. Ka

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