Lupin III

Lupin III: Blood Seal ~ Eternal Mermaid Review


 "Blood Seal ~ Eternal Mermaid"




Synopsis:  When Lupin steals a jewel called the "Mermaid's Scale", he discovers it's a fake. The real jewel, another one, and a person with an immortal body turn out to be keys to the treasure of the Yaobikuni. Wanting to prevent a dangerous arms dealer from taking the prize, Lupin and the gang decide to get to it first. However, they'll have to deal with a dangerous assassin, the police force, and a fickle Fujiko. In the end, who'll obtain the ancient treasure? A thief or a merchant of death? 


Anime Voice Talent Highlight #4: Yasuo Yamada


#4: Yasuo Yamada

It may seem silly to highlight a voice talent who's known for playing one particular role, but when this particular VA's performance in the role is so iconic, and has spanned decades in that role, it's perfectly appropriate to me. Especially when the character he's known for playing is a favorite anime character: Arsène Lupin III!