Perfect Grade

PG Wing Zero Refurb Project - Part 1


One of my favorite things to do is pick up used kits on eBay for cheap. It's become a lot harder these days with the increasing popularity of Gunpla but there are still deals to be had if keep your eyes open. This is one of two kits I just picked up on eBay, a Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom.

The listing for this kit made it clear that it was a parts only kit. From the photos I could tell that most of the kit was there, namely missing a piece on the upper torso and the buster rifles (which I planed use, never having done anything with them following my PG Wing build over a decade ago). Since then I've found more pieces missing, such as a rear-leg armor piece, some ankle armor, and one of the yellow detail pieces on the should armor. Still well within tolerances for the project plan. 

What I didn't expect was the condition of the build in general. Simply nasty as shit. I'll let the photos do the talking for now...

PG Zaku II ver. Reprise - Update 01


Long ago, in the depths of 2008, I built a Perfect Grade Char's Zaku II. It was horrible. A travesty of all things great. A concoction of orange peel'd gloss and stickers. Thus, 2012 being the end of the world, the only proper thing to do would be to light it on fire and sing a sad song in remembrance. Or I could cover it in awesome.



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