Otaku Evolution Episode 88 - Babel II (OVA)

Based on a Mitsuteru Yokoyama manga, but not lucky enough to get adapted by Yasuhiro Imagawa, the four-part Babel II (that's Babel The Second) OVA has all the ass-pulling superpowers and sudden giant robot appearances you get from Giant Robo, but without the thematic or character-driven gravitas. Which means that while it is compellingly weird, it's a bit of a trifle. It was still fun to review, though!


Otaku Evolution Episode 87 - Gungrave

A tale of mob crime, torn loyalties, bitter betrayals, and giant zombie monsters and the bullets that vanquish them, Gungrave is actually a video-game based anime and a work of Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow. After Trigun but before Blood Battle... Blockade Battlefront... you know, that show with the awesome premise that is hugely disappointing. I hope you enjoy my first 26 episode anime review in a while!

Otaku Evolution Episode 86 - The Tokyo Project


The Tokyo Project is, well, mostly just like dozens of other 80s and early 90s anime OVAs with more action than personality, kind of just going through the motions for most of its hour run. At least, it is until that bizarrely scifi final act where the characters take on a walking tank! It'll have you screaming, "Snake? SNNNAAAAAAAAKE!" 


Otaku Evolution Episode 84 - Dominion Tank Police

In this episode, I take a look at the four part OVA, Dominion Tank Police, that features what seems like the inevitable future of American police militaritization (Japan will just go the Patlabor route)! But is this send up of 80s hyperviolence a social satire or just a parody that identifies with its captors? I hope to sparse the mixed messages from this old "classic" I first saw on Sci-Fi Channel's Saturday Anime block.