Help out OR: Fund Drive 2010

As some of you may know I sell some of my photographs online to help fund my expensive gunpla addiction. While every purchase helps the site out a little it's time to put that money back in directly. 50% of all proceeds, through the end of November, will be sent directly to Mike (aka Penguin Truth). Throughout the year I try and send Mike some goodies as thanks for the hard work he puts in here. This year he's added a unique set of Tenchi figures and a couple of Orson Scott Card box sets to his collect. When he's not internationally upsetting voice actors his reviews bring an insight only he can offer. His weekly Fullmetal reviews were unparalleled. The rest of the proceeds will go into hosting and other related costs of running the site. We may have ads all over the place but they're not exactly 'lucrative.' Don't forget that besides a getting few good karma points you'll also be getting a great gift. All of the fantastic photos are in a 8x10 mat and come sealed in plastic. With the holiday season coming up they make great gifts. Though, if you want to keep one for yourself, I'll understand. Click below to check out the current inventory!

We appreciate your consideration!

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