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Otaku Revolution Anime Discussion #1: Classic Remakes Casting

I thought I'd attempt something new for a change and start up a discussion about something anime-related in the hopes of having more communication with the people who come here (all three of them). Feel free to comment on this, suggest other topics for later discussions, and/or links to helpful material regarding the topic at hand.


Topic #1


With classics like Space Battleship Yamato and Mobile Suit Gundam being remade, do you feel like original cast members should reprise their roles after decades have passed? For example, should Goro Naya continue on as Captain Okita? Should Tohru Furuya continue to play Amuro Ray? If so, why? If not, who should play the roles? Suggest new VAs if possible.


Have fun!

Welcome to Otaku Revolution v2!

Welcome to Otaku Revolution v2!

After well over 24 hours I was able successfully replicate OR as we knew it to a dev platform and upgrade it from Drupal 5.x to 6.x. Most of that time was spent on the upgrade itself, what with having to restore the files and database over and over and over again until successful. 

Along with the inherent benefits of 6.x there are some new modules (such as a WYSIWYG editor for Penguin Truth) to help classy up the place.

The most noticeable change of all is the theme. Not a huge diversion from the one everyone is used to, but a huge improvement none the less. You'll probably notice that a lot of our old posts will have a shit load of extra white space. That's due to the increased width of our new theme. In future we'll actually be able to share videos at more reasonable sizes.


Help out OR: Fund Drive 2010

As some of you may know I sell some of my photographs online to help fund my expensive gunpla addiction. While every purchase helps the site out a little it's time to put that money back in directly. 50% of all proceeds, through the end of November, will be sent directly to Mike (aka Penguin Truth). Throughout the year I try and send Mike some goodies as thanks for the hard work he puts in here. This year he's added a unique set of Tenchi figures and a couple of Orson Scott Card box sets to his collect. When he's not internationally upsetting voice actors his reviews bring an insight only he can offer. His weekly Fullmetal reviews were unparalleled. The rest of the proceeds will go into hosting and other related costs of running the site.

The Otaku Revolution Awards

The Otaku Revolution Awards I've been meaning to get to this and I'm as late as your sister's period during that scare I had with her. 2010: the future! A time when flying cars fill the air and radioactive mutants are battled with by humanoid-shaped, bipedal fighter robots under a supernova sun as Europe's "The Final Countdown"—the only surviving single of the Great Eugenic Wars of the 80s—blares from speakers on either side of your cyronic capsule as you awake to inevitable nuclear oblivion. What a world of wonder and horror! Do we dare long for the yesteryear of third gen VHS copies of DBZ movie fansubs, complete with Anime Labs "candy-ass faggot" inserts? Or do we boldly step into a world of steel and strife, where our cell phones play satellite radio, sees through clothing, and massages our DNA so that our children pop out craving only Pepsi and violence? Come with me, friends, as I take one final look behind me to the year that just passed us by.

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