Welcome to Otaku Revolution v2!

Welcome to Otaku Revolution v2!

After well over 24 hours I was able successfully replicate OR as we knew it to a dev platform and upgrade it from Drupal 5.x to 6.x. Most of that time was spent on the upgrade itself, what with having to restore the files and database over and over and over again until successful. 

Along with the inherent benefits of 6.x there are some new modules (such as a WYSIWYG editor for Penguin Truth) to help classy up the place.

The most noticeable change of all is the theme. Not a huge diversion from the one everyone is used to, but a huge improvement none the less. You'll probably notice that a lot of our old posts will have a shit load of extra white space. That's due to the increased width of our new theme. In future we'll actually be able to share videos at more reasonable sizes.



Isn't that better?

Most of the old posts won't get updated to benefit from the new scheme, such is the burden of our laziness. You will see some updates though, especially the Layman's Gunpla Guide, which is in desperate need of overhaul.

There are still some design tweaks that need to be made. Mostly all the mishmash at the bottom of the page.


Everything else around the site should function the same, such as links and commenting abilities.

If there are any issues please comment below or send me an email. As always comments, both positive and negative (assuming they're constructive), are appreciated.



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