Otaku Evolution Episode 127 - Azumanga Daioh

I thought I'd take on an anime comedy, which I don't normally review. This one, Azumanga Daioh is based on a four panel comic, so naturally it's very episodic even within individual episodes, adapting little jokes into larger pictures. In other words, the basic plot is kind of basic (mostly just high school girls and their daily lives). However, it's anime comfort food. It makes you feel warm and lightens your spirit for a bit, like a fresh oatmeal cookie. It also helps that  English dub is reasonably good, not their best, but better than the average.

Though the Japanese version features Norio Wakamoto as a cat, so...

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Otaku Evolution Episode 95 - Ninja Nonsense

Anime comedies are a strange beast. Not only can they be completely outside of Western cultural context, but oftentimes they're heavily rewritten by the dub studio the licensor employs for NA release. So, that in mind, how does an anime like Ninja Nonsense, which is fairly faithfully dubbed hold up in the humor department? I'll take a look at it in this video. Also, I guess there's some kind of flashback and an extra bit at the end. If Pen Pen is holding the camera, how is all that extra footage getting recorded? Hm.

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David Letterman Is A Pussy

First, may I say, Sarah Palin is a terrible, terrible person, and I hate to give her any attention. I wish we'd all stop talking about her, because we're only making her seem important, like somebody of significance. She's trying to ride on this new wave of press so she can stay in the public eye for later power-grabbing for the nutso Sky Father puppets.

So, David Letterman made a joke about Palin's daughter being with her at a baseball game, and Alex Rodriguez getting her pregnant. Unfortunately, it was her younger daughter who was at the game, not her older one, who had indeed been pregnant at a young age. The younger daughter is fourteen years old, so it would seem that David make a miss with his joke.


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