Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai - Episode 02 Review

Episode 2, "The enemy is Goku's older brother?! The secret of the Saiyans, strongest of warriors"

* ****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: The armored man, whose name is Raditz, and is Goku's brother, reveals that he and Goku are both part of a race of alien warriors called the Saiyans and Goku's real name is "Kakkarot". He insists that Goku accompany him to destroy a planet, and when Goku refuses, Raditz kidnaps little Gohan.

DBZ Kai Episode 01 Review

Episode 1, "The curtain opens on battle! Son Goku's back" *****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: A man named Son Goku, a young hero who was born "Kakkarot" on the planet Vegeta, home of the Saiyans, and was sent to Earth, visits his old friends on Kame Island. Along with him is his son, Son Gohan, named after the man who raised him. However, an armored man from space lands, looking for "Kakkarot", scaring even the demon Piccolo, and showing up before Goku and his friends. Comments: For those of you uninitiated to the world of Dragon Ball, this would probably come off as a pretty dizzying first episode, since they cram so much into it.

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