Dragon Ball Z Kai - Episode 02 Review

Episode 2, "The enemy is Goku's older brother?! The secret of the Saiyans, strongest of warriors"

* ****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: The armored man, whose name is Raditz, and is Goku's brother, reveals that he and Goku are both part of a race of alien warriors called the Saiyans and Goku's real name is "Kakkarot". He insists that Goku accompany him to destroy a planet, and when Goku refuses, Raditz kidnaps little Gohan. Goku and Piccolo agree to team up to defeat Raditz, but he appears stronger than they expected, and tells them the other remaining Saiyans are even stronger than he is. Comments: For those of you uninitiated to the world of my reviews, this would come off as a pretty dizzying second review, since I was joking the first time around, copypastying my review of FMA 2 ep 1 and changing names because fuck, we've all already seen DBZ. But I guess since I just did it again, I can lay it to rest and actually review the episode this time in a more serious manner. It's fucking DBZ, we've all already seen it! Okay, so this episode may seem to have quite a bit of talking, but it actually goes through things much faster than the first time around, and Goku and Piccolo are already there where Raditz landed to fight him by the end of the episode. Goku really is a Superman copy starting in this series, isn't he? Except that he's dedicated his life to fighting the strongest opponents, not necessarily truth, justice, and the... whatever the hell country they're all in way. Though kidnapping his son is certainly an effective way of pissing him off. I remember the classic Ocean dub of this part, with Ian Corlett as Goku and Scott McNeil as Piccolo. Those were the days.The Japanese voices are so full of personality, though, especially Masako Nozawa's Son Goku. I mean, there's so many little nuances to the voice that fits the sort of uneducated, backwoods character he is. He has all sorts of "ain't" in his voice. He sort of stumbles over some of his words, or delivers them like a child would. Even though Nozawa is an elderly woman, she's still probably the best Goku. The only English VA to capture Goku's naivete was Peter Kelamis, who did the voice in the second season of the Ocean dub and in the first three movies. I really can't wait for the next episode. Goku and Piccolo's fight with Raditz is pretty amazing.

Overall Score: 4 out of 5

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