Gundam AGE Episode 22 Review

 Episode 22, "Big Ring Absolute Defense Line"

Synopsis: The battle for the Big Ring begins. The Diva launches and soon after, it's mobile suit forces. The Veigan MS move forward too, and the battle begins. Flit commands maneuvers from the Big Ring. Asemu and Woolf engage X-Rouders in combat. Zeheart decides to go out to fight and Desil joins him. Asemu fights Zeheart while Woolf takes on Desil. They struggle until Flit appears in the AGE-1. Flit battles Desil, who wants revenge for his humiliation years earlier. Asemu continues to fight Zeheart. Back up arrives to support the father and son. Zeheart is frustrated that the Veigan troops are being pushed back and retreats with an uncooperative Desil. The Federation wins the day, but Asemu is upset at his father's attitude.
I see that Federation normal suits have not evolved in the passing years. They still look like weird pajamas. I guess if they work as-is, there's no reason to change the design, but it just bothers me to look at them. 
It's interesting the dual roles that Flit plays in this episode. As a commander, he uses strategies to get the most out of troop deployment. You don't see a lot of this in Gundam. Most of the time it's some random combat with little order to it. I'm glad that, at least for a few moments, they're going a little Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Of course, after those few moments, Flit takes off in the AGE-1 to be part of the fight. It's neat to see Flit still pilots well, not having rusted at all over time, but it's kind of stupid in some ways. Why did Flit become a commander if he's just going to pilot a MS? Trying to do both is just ridiculous. Who does he think he is, Beecha Oleg? 
All the jokes about Yurin being Flit's true love and his marriage to Emily being a loveless marriage of convenience seem to have some stripe of validity. Here years later, he's still thinking about her. I mean, okay, it's natural to remember a tragedy in the past, but it feels like he gets a special jolt of rage, as if the wound was still fresh. It seems like Flit himself believes he was meant to be with Yurin and he's never gotten over it. It's an interesting element and look forward to seeing where (if anywhere) it goes. 
Overall Score:

4 out of 5


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