Otaku Evolution Episode 65 - Mobile Suit Gundam II (Movie) (IN 2 PARTS)


So, about a month ago, I got a full-on copyright strike on my YouTube account for disputing a copyright flagging for a test video for a review I was planning to do on Riding Bean. The company that complained is called Molebeat, a Japanese company that deals with intellectual property. Despite my video being well under Fair Use law (#WTFU), I now have a strike that limits the length of videos I can upload onto YouTube, and thus my splitting this video into two parts. Attempts to contact this "Molebeat" company via e-mail have so far been in vain. I think that a company should have to have their own YT account before they can make copyright complaints, so the person being complained against can easily contact them.


Naturally, Molebeat, being a Japanese company, is difficult to communicate with, and I don't know which rights holder they're representing for the complaint. But regardless, this is why my video is in two parts. I hope you enjoy it anyway.


Mobile Suit Gundam Movie II! With the weird English dub they did that has Steven Blum as Char Aznable and Bright Noa has a British accent! And Sayla has some... unidentifiable accent. French, maybe? I don't know. It's weird. How is it that Canada did a better dub for this material than California actors? At least Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is in it. And Michael McConnohie. The movie's great on its own, though, with Ramba Ral, the Gallop, Core Boosters, Black Tri-Stars, Kai Shiden getting tougher, that awesome battle at Jaburo, and those little kids actually being useful!


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