MG Banshee - Unboxing Impressions


I just wanted to take a quick minute to share my early impressions of the latest member of my MG Gundam Unicorn collection, the Master Grade Banshee. P.S. Be forewarned, it's incredibly late after a long day at work and this article is probably full of incoherent sentences and half finished thoughts.

Banshee WIP: Day 3

Some more progress today. Lessons learned so far? Resin fucking sucks. Despite a good cleaning my primer acted completely different to resin than it does normal plastic. It also has the tendency to randomly break, as you'll see when I post close up shots. Worst of all, is that the antlers came all fucked up. I did my best to bend them back into place but they're still bent. Another thing that sucks about resin is that you don't really see minor imperfections until you paint. I had to clean them up several times followed by a bit more paint in order for them to look as good as they do now.

Banshee WIP: Day 1

Behold, the first work in progress shot of my MG Banshee. So far things are going okay. Although the paint I'm using does a good job of exposing all the little flaws from failed sanding attempts. Plus I'm almost out. Already.

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