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Hey all, did you know I had an Etsy Store? Complete with customizable Gunpla bases, stickers, and more! Please come checkout my odd collection of wares. I've also got a separate site,, with more in depth product info. It, like everything in my life, is currently a WIP 😃

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MG Banshee... Completed

So, technically I finished this guy back in July, but I don't think I ever shared the pictures on OR...

Click to Enlarge
| On Flickr

Click to Enlarge
| On Flickr

Click to Enlarge
| On Flickr

Thoughts? In retrospect there are a lot of issues I would've fixed then but opted not to since I just wanted to finish the kit. There are a few places where the paint is too thing and looks lighter against the white plastic. There are a couple other blemishes/scratches stashed about here and there. There are even a couple caused by either Micro Sol or Set (used for applying decals). Can you spot them all? It's like a Where's Waldo of failure. The gold paint on the shield looks terrible as well. I sanded and repainted those parts several times and just got frustrated with the whole lot. Last but not least, ugh resin parts. This was my first time working with resin parts and I don't have fond memories. They don't fit nearly as well, didn't glue well, and acted weirdly to my primer. The antlers (proper term?) aren't 100% straight which annoys the fuck out of me. At least, after a lot of straightening, it looks a lot better than out of the box. I would have been better off creating a custom V-fin.

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