BSC 1/35 Sinanju Bust


When the Chinese company BSC first announced their ‘third party’ 1/35 scale Unicorn bust kit I threw all my money at the screen. If you weren’t aware, I’m a big fan of the Unicorn design. Despite various ups and downs with third party kits I just had to have the it in my collection. To my surprise, I had very few issues with the kit. Granted, I was a bit daunted by the LEDs and have yet to attempt them, but other than that things went together well. One day, maybe, I still hope to give it the paint and detailing job it deserves.

Fast forward to BSC announcing this, their 1/35 scale Sinanju. Holy shit I threw money at the screen like Scrooge McDuck throws himself into a vault of gold coins. After what feels like a long wait the kit finally showed up and I couldn’t be happier.

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