Jokster's MG Sinanju


Saw this build over on and wanted to share it with everyone here.

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It's his first attempt at a chrome finish and I think it turned out fantastically.

His comments,

Greeting guys and wish you all a Merry Christmas

This is my attempt on making a titanium finish version of the Sinanju . Tried following mtomczek tutorial on painting the titanium finish but sadly the paints required here in my country aren't available. So i decided to substitute some of the paints that were available here. For the chrome i used rj london chrome spray can paint and used the same mr color clear red and orange paint sprayed via air brush then top coated with mr top coat gloss.

Can i ask you guys how you protect the paint specially in painting titanium finishes, because when i started to assemble the kit the clear paint easily peels off and did a lot of touch ups because of that. Was it the paint that I've used? 'cause I've found out that the chrome i used was enamel base and mr color was lacquer base and lacquer over enamel doesn't work well from what the experts say. Any feedback from you guys would be a great help because i want to try this paint job again on my mg sazabi for next year.

Thanks a lot guys

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The over exposed whites in his shot look great too.

I've seen a lot of Sinanju's done in metalic/candy red. Haven't been a fan of most, but I really like this one. It makes me want to start experimenting with the concept immediately, but I have to finish my PG SF first!