Falldog's Unicorn Collection

For awhile now I thought it would be swell to get all my Unicorn kits and related all together into one big family photo. I've been holding off because, as you may have noticed, that's quite a bit of work. Well last night I spent quite a few hours on what may be some of the worst photographs I've ever taken.

I had a very terrible idea that I'd be able to manage to get them all on my photo table, which obviously didn't work. At the very least I was able to get the built kits onto the center section of my display room though by then I had run out of patience to get everything sorted by height as much as possible. In both scenarios though I had to resort of my wide angle lens which sucks in low light and isn't good at focusing ob objects a meter away. Of course the latter half of the issue is my inability to mitigate those problems. 

For those wondering my obsession enjoyment of the Unicorn goes back to the Unicorn ver. Ka (still the best MG release) and has continued since. I love the design and the kit has tons of possibilities. The one Banshee and FA Prototype were Banshee/FA kits I put together before Bandai even announced said kits. Of course since then Bandai has produced any number of variants and I've gotten many. There's only one HG though as I've been largely sticking to MG and larger over the years (can you imagine how little space I'd have if I got every HG Unicorn variant? Fuck me.) And of course, not pictured are all the other MGs from Unicorn Gundam, multiple Jestas, multiple Sinanju, mutiple ReZELs, a technically award winning Delta Plus, and of course the infamous Elyn Hobby Kshatriya

Anyhow, here are all the Unicorns in one photo! For the first, and possibly, last time ever! Total count is Mega Size - 1, Perfect Grade - 9, Master Grade - 19, HG - 1, RG - 3, SD - 2, Other - 6. 


Here's a full inventory, numbered with links to the various builds where applicable. All kits are from Bandai unless otherwise stated. Each box is an unbuilt kit.


  1. PG Unicorn w/ FA Pack
  2. PG Banshee
  3. Daban PG Banshee
  4. Dragon Momoko PG Unicorn
  5. Mega Size Unicorn
  6. PG Unicorn - Final Battle Ver.
  7. PG Unicorn - One Week Build
  8. MG Banshee
  9. MG Banshee - Titans Ver.
  10. MG Unicorn - World Expo Clear Ver.
  11. BSC 1/35 Unicorn Bust
  12. RG Unicorn
  13. MG Unicorn with blue frame (from Phenex)
  14. MG Phenex - Hell Redux
  15. HG Unicorn FA - Clear Expo Ver.
  16. Banpresto Unicorn Head
  17. MG Unicorn FA - Poor Parts Kit
  18. SD Unicorn FA
  19. SD Unicorn - Pearl Clear Ver.
  20. Gundam Head Collection (Unicorn, Unicorn Destory Mode, Banshee) 
  21. MG Banshee Norn
  22. MG Unicorn - World Expo Clear Ver.
  23. MG Unicorn FA - Red Colour Ver.
  24. MG Unicorn - Art of Gundam Ver.
  25. MG Unicorn - "NUnicorn" Nu Colour Scheme
  26. MG Unicorn - Art of Gundam Ver.
  27. MG Unicorn
  28. Seraph Hobby Banshee Bust
  29. MG Unicorn w/ Cage
  30. MG Banshee FA WIP
  31. RG Unicorn x2
  32. MG Banshee
  33. MG Unicorn - FA Prototype
  34. MG Unicorn
  35. Daban Phenex Gundam (well, a mix of Bandai and Daban parts, enough for one weird PG Unicorn)
  36. PG Phenex Gundam
  37. PG Unicorn Gundam - 7-Eleven Ver.
  38. MG Banshee - Final Battle Ver.





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