Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 80

Episode 80, "The Tables Have Turned! Perfect Form Cell Finally Goes into Action"

Gohan, enraged by the continuing appearance of the time stamp in the screencaps, finally becomes a Super Saiyan. PIZZA TIME! 


Synopsis: Gohan urges his father to stop letting up on him during training. Goku fires a powerful Kamehameha at his son, which forces Gohan to transform into a Super Saiyan to stop. Goku offers to cut Gohan's hair now, as it's become too long. Back at the island, Cell marvels at his new, "perfect" form. Kuririn attacks him, but a single kick from Cell knocks him out. Trunks gives him a senzu. Vegeta confidently engages Cell, but is unable to damage him. Cell shows how fast and durable he is, frustrating and frightening Vegeta. Cell thanks Vegeta for helping reach his "perfect" form, which angers the struggling Vegeta.

Cell delivers the customary "Kuririn gets it first". "Nothing up my sleeves... wait, I haven't got any." 


Gohan finally becomes a Super Saiyan in this episode, which kept some filler material from Dragon Ball Z that was actually really helpful in building Gohan up for what's to come. I don't believe this was in the manga, so when he finally does have to step up, while it's not completely out of left field, it doesn't come off nearly as important. He has his uncle Raditz' hair at this point, prompting Goku to want to cut it (bad memories of getting pierced with Piccolo's beam, perhaps?). I think the music they used in the scenes with Goku and Gohan in the Room of Spirit and Time has actually been better than what they used in Z. Or at least, more appropriate for these particular scenes.

Cell's Perfect Form is sleeker and slender looking, which immediately fools Vegeta into thinking means he's weaker. I find this a little puzzling, since he knew right away when Freeza transformed into his final form that he was more powerful than ever. Guy's got a short memory. Norio Wakamoto is more haughty and proper in this form, but you can tell he's having fun.

Poor, poor Kuririn. He's lost a potential love interest and gained an imprint of Cell's boot in his ass. Who saw that coming? All of us, Kuririn. All of us. I guess those of you who were frustrated that Kuririn made the decision to spare Artificial Human 18 can at least take comfort that he's paid directly for that. Not even delicious ki pizza could cut through Cell. Maybe Kuririn should have used the Taiyo-ken and ran the fuck away.

I love how Artificial Human 16 just kind of stands there, knowing he can't do a damn thing. "Sorry guys, this shit's above my limits. I'ma go look for some birds."

Good episode, though. Would have a higher score if it weren't for the shit art/animation.

Vegeta aimed a little low when he was trying to kick the time stamp.QUALITY 

Overall Score:

4 out of 5

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