MG Banshee ver. Titans - WIP 2

Time to share some more WIP shots of my latest MG Unicorn project, more specifically, a MG Banshee painted in Titans colours. For the most part things have been going well and a majority of the kit has been painted. That's saying a lot since I counted 5 pieces in the entire thing that aren't getting one colour or another. Good news aside, I have had some major problems with my top coat though.

For whatever reason, I think because I laid to heavy of a coat, Testors' Dull Cote actually managed to make many of the pieces more lustrous. Frustrating on it's own, horrible when in contact with the decals. This issue doesn't seem to have occurred on the decals themselves, just the paint. Thus the decals are duller than the pieces around them and their lines show up really easy with the right lighting. It's almost like reverse silvering.

As I near the end of this project I find myself short of a crucial paint, as always. This time it's some clear red. After much trial and error I have decided to just colour the claws red with clear red. The metallics I tried previously didn't look like I quite wanted and 1 spent an hour or two the other night stripping them down. I used a new solution, ELO Paint & Decal Remover, by Testors I believe. If I can find a good project kit I'll be sure to do a tutorial on the process.

Until then you'll just have to enjoy some pretty pictures of how the kit stands now. If I can find some clear red soon I hope to have this guy finished shortly. Almost everything you see missing is already painted, including some more sexy yellow and red bits.


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