Nerf Wars - Watch more free videos Let's face it, if only our offices could have a battle like this every day, we'd actually enjoy going to work. In addition I'm exceedingly jealous that they have gotten their hands on the upcoming N-Strike Vulcan. Powered by six D batteries, and a standard 25 round belt (sure to be modded endlessly), it's already in high demand event though it hasn't been released yet.


RIP 1937 - 2008
He may be gone but his jokes will live on.


Click for Larger Some Vue cinema over in the UK is preparing for the upcoming movie, Hancock. Luckily the construction crew took a break long enough to please our most immature side. Not sure if they're holding the premier or just really excited. Either way some really lucky usher is going to have a huge cock to take home after the buzz has died down.

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