Otaku Evolution Episode 230 - Year End English Dub Review IX

One final video for 2022, folks! As usual with my last video of the year, I go over the various English dubs of the anime I've covered in roughly the second half of the year. I think the best dub was Solid State Society's and the weakest Babel II - Beyond Infinity's which is amusing, because I covered those anime originally in that order. But even the weakest anime dub of the bunch still had solid talents, just a lack of commitment to the characters. Most of the dubs I covered were at least decent.

Otaku Evolution Episode 229 - (Top 10) Favorite Anime Characters

Listen here, you fucking degenerates. I know what you're doing, indulging in every act of debauchery and overindulgence this holiday season. So maybe you can take the time, while you're not boozing it up with your good time gang or drowning your sorrows in a full store-bought pie, to watch my little (half hour) video about my top 10 favorite anime characters. I can already feel the bile rising in my throat as I picture all the amazing fun you're having NOT contributing to my Patreon or subscribing to my channel and it sickens me to the core. So sit down, shake off that eggnog high, and watch this video, damn it, I worked really hard on it!

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 46 Review

Episode 46, "Operation: Ragnarök"

Some of the playersJulian and Louis



Synopsis: Julian confers with Admiral Bewcock and Schneider on Heinessen before heading off to Phezzan. He gets a chilly reception from the FPA Commisioner, but comes to appreciate the planet's liveliness and prosperity. At a welcoming party, Julian passes along the rumor that Phezzan's government is selling out the Phezzan Corridor to the Empire, which stirs the partygoers. He's confronted by Rupert Kesserling, who issues a thinly veiled threat. Later, Kesserling visits Bishop Degsby of the Terra Church and blackmails him. On Odin, Reinhard announces the name of his operation to punish the FPA and government-in-exile: Ragnarök.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 44 Review

Episode 44, "Departure"

Yang and Calsenes having lunchYang and Julian enjoying the sunset... in a space station?



Synopsis: Seeing that Julian is upset about being reassigned, Yang approaches him to give him a pep talk. Yang expresses his suspicion that Phezzan is assisting Reinhard in conquering the Alliance. He also wonders if the Alliance has outlived its purpose. Julian says his goodbyes to staff at Iserlohn, including Calsenes, Poplin, Murai, Attenborough, and Schönkopf. Yang still has his concerns for Julian, who is likewise concerned if Yang can handle himself alone. Julian departs Iserlohn in the company of Louis Machungo.


Otaku Evolution Episode 228 - Lupin III Part I

It's the oldest anime I've reviewed here on Otaku Evolution, and the oldest in my collection, 1971's Lupin III Part I, the original Lupin TV series! I'm super happy to get to talk about this groundbreaking show, it's mood change, and how fun the whole thing can be (and how lame it can be, too). I'm also thrilled that it's finally been dubbed into English with a voice cast I adore. But whether or not you watch it dubbed or in its original Japanese, you're going to have a good time with these hilarious heists... usually. So this Thanksgiving season, stuff yourself with a cornucopia of fun, as I take a look at an anime classic.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 43 Review

Episode 43, "Declaration of War"

Erwin Josef II posterProtestors against the gov't-in-exile


Synopsis: On Heinessen, opinions are mixed on the establishment of the Legitimate Galactic Empire and Reinhard von Lohengramm's declaration. Many are relying on the leadership of Job Trunicht and the military prowess of Yang Wenli to protect them from the Empire. João Rebelo expresses his misgivings about Yang to his colleague Huang Rui. The government-in-exile has difficulty dealing with a charmless prince, who they must drug to keep up appearances. After a reshuffling of military personnel, Julian Mintz is reassigned to Phezzan.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 42 Review

Episode 42, "The Legitimate Galactic Empire Government"

Iserlohn hallwayJulian celebrating with team



Synopsis: Peaceful days pass at Iserlohn, until suddenly Chairman Job Trunicht on Heinessen announces the "liberation" of Erwin Josef II and the establishment of the Legitimate Galactic Empire government-in-exile in the Alliance, sending waves throughout the base. Yang discerns that this situation is to Reinhard's advantage and that he may have had something to do with the abduction. Merkatz is in a difficult situation, as he has been named the Minister of MIlitary Affairs for the government-in-exile. Reinhard von Lohengramm announces in a public broadcast his intention to punish the Alliance.

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