M61A5 Semovente MBT - WIP 2 - Ready for Weathering

After about 20 days of work my Semovente is ready for weathering. For the most part things went well. The colour scheme looks okay and aside from a few areas where my paint coats were too thick the digital camo looks pretty good. Paint went well on everything else. I did lose a few pieces somehow, including a bit of handle bar that goes on the rear of the kit. I may try to recreate it if I can find some piping thin enough but I'll likely just pretend it never existed in the first place ;)

M61A5 Semovente MBT - WIP 1

Wooh, how about some WIP shots of my Semovente MBT? (How do you pronounce Semovente anyway?) But first, commentary!


Thus far things have been moving pretty quickly. Aside from a couple of days when I lost an integral part of my airbrush that is. As you can see I'm moving forward with my grey and grey-blue gray colour scheme. It's certainly different which is think is great. Lots of little detail parts need to be done here and there. At some point I'm going to start weathering as well. There's a possibility I'm going to overdo it so appreciate these clean shots while they last. Also, you may notice that I'm doing digital camo again. This time only two colours under the main colour and at an angle. I hope it comes out okay, placement of the first layer went well but I wasn't fond of how the second went on. The first coat of the top colour is currently drying.


Enough of my end-of-day ramblings, picture time!


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