M61A5 Semovente MBT - WIP 2 - Ready for Weathering

After about 20 days of work my Semovente is ready for weathering. For the most part things went well. The colour scheme looks okay and aside from a few areas where my paint coats were too thick the digital camo looks pretty good. Paint went well on everything else. I did lose a few pieces somehow, including a bit of handle bar that goes on the rear of the kit. I may try to recreate it if I can find some piping thin enough but I'll likely just pretend it never existed in the first place ;)

I had all kinds of issues getting the turret's platforms into place. Nothing really locks into place and it all has to be glued. Since I didn't want to risk fogging with super glue I used some clear drying Testor's glue. It dried clear which is nice but it doesn't try fast to so I had to hold it in place for a long time. A few times I didn't hold it long enough and came back to find pieces had popped out of place. I even broke off one of the structural supports. The mesh parts applied a bit better but I think should've gone onto the pieces individually first. Oh well.

Anyhow, time for some pictures. Next week sometime I plan to start weathering with my first attempt at realistic rust marks. Whoo. Note that the treads aren't on, nor is the top of the body secured to the bottom. Same for the turret to the body. This will allow me to weather some of the hidden and hard to reach areas first.







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