Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 97 Review

Episode 97, "Farewell with a Smile! Heading for New Days..."

Synopsis: Gohan passes out from the tough battle. Kuririn decides to retrieve Artificial Human 18. Vegeta refuses help from Piccolo. The group (sans Vegeta) go up to Kami's palace to get healed by Dende. Mr. Satan takes credit for Cell's defeat. At the palace, Dende heals Gohan. 18 awakens and is shocked to discover that Kuririn wanted to save her. The group summons Shenlong and ask him to bring those killed by Cell back to life. Trunks is revived, but not Goku, as he's been revived before. Dende suggests using the Namekian Dragon Balls to bring Goku back. However, Goku objects from the afterlife, saying he prefers staying dead. Kuririn wishes for the bomb to be removed from 17 and 18. Shenlong grants the wisih and disappears, the Dragon Balls scattering again. 18 refuses to thank Kuririn, but says she'll see him again. She then flies off. The group all decide to go their own way. The next day, the group sees Trunks off in his time machine to his timeline. 
This was the last aired episode of Dragon Ball Kai in Japan. There's another episode, but it went unaired, and can instead be found on the final DVD or Blu-Ray. 
In the aftermath of the battle with Cell, several things occur. The first is, Vegeta's pride has taken such a hit he can't even bring himself to going with the others. Who knows what Vegeta expected of the Cell Games, though? By the time Goku stepped in the ring, it was clear to him that he was outclassed. Then when Goku surrendered, he figured it was all over. He was shocked to discover that not only is Goku superior to him, power-wise, but that his son was even moreso. In this episode we get a humbled Vegeta. He still spits at Piccolo's offer, but it's clear he's not going to be making any declarations of how great he is. He even apologized for getting in the way in the last episode. Now that he knows he'll survive after all, it must be difficult for him to live with it. 
Mr. Satan takes credit for Cell's defeat. Even after all that happened, the announcer man and everyone else seems just fine believing that Mr. Satan defeated Cell. I think they need to believe it. It's the only thing that makes sense to the public at large. But that's kind of weird when you consider that just a few years earlier in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai, giant ki blasts were being thrown around and people were flying. I guess over time people forgot about those things. Mr. Satan is the champion the people need.
I always liked the bits with Kuririn and Artificial Human 18. First she just leaves, completely unappreciative. Then she returns when she sees Shenlong. She jumps out from hiding to tell everyone that 17 isn't her boyfriend, it's her brother (the resembalence should have given it away) and take off again. But she did basically imply she would see Kuririn again, which Yamucha picks up on. I really love how Piccolo has no idea what anyone is talking about in regards to Kuririn's feelings. The part where Kuririn gives Gohan a thump is great, too. 
Speaking of Gohan, is it just me, or was Masako Nozawa totally hitting it out of the park this episode? I mean, her Gohan sounded just as fresh and solid as it ever has. Especially when Gohan is talking about Kuririn's situation, she makes him sound so adorable. And likewise, Aya Hirano might be stunt casting, but I've come to really like her Dende. Nozawa and Hirano really made this episode. Of course, Mayumi Tanaka as well. 
Overall Score:
4 out of 5

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