Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 09 ENGLISH DUB Review

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 09 Review

In this episode, Edward faces his arch nemesis!


Synopsis: Edward regains consciousness in a hospital, scolded by Ross and Brosh for his recklessness. From there, he calls Winry to Central to repair his automail. Alphonse struggles with the implications of Barry the Chopper's words, eventually leading to a confrontation with Ed. Winry yells at him for doubting his brother's intentions, and the two make up on the roof, renewing their vow to keep going.


It sounded to me like nearly everyone took a step back in their performances this episode. I found a few things that annoyed me.

First of all, while I thought Vic Mignogna's Edward was making progress in the previous episode, in this one he sounds the same as before then in this one. It's still pretty grating at times to hear his Edward, especially in very dramatic or comedic moments. He's just so scratchy and awkward, and kind of forced-sounding.

Caitlin Glass is definitely doing something slightly different with her Winry in this series, which works fairly well in some scenes, but in others she sounds like the same annoying voice for her from the first series. I did like her during her talk with Hughes at his house, though. When she's being very gentle, she has a great voice for the character. When she speaks up, though, it's like nails on a chalkboard.

Speaking of Winry with Hughes, Elicia's voice is pretty adorable. Sonny Strait's Hughes was pretty good in this episode, too, but he's been pretty good since the second episode, so it's no shocker. Gracia's voice is okay, too.

Maxey Whitehead's Alphonse was a little inconsistent. There were times I swear I was listening to Aaron Dismuke doing the voice. Or more to the point, it really felt like the English voice for Alphonse Elric. But towards the end he got sort of akward-sounding and it became obvious this was a different voice talent, and one that still needs a little time to grow into the role

Next episode is a tear-jerker. I hope the dub handles it well!

Overall Dub Score: 3 out of 5


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