Gundam AGE Episode 02 Review


Episode 02 , "The Power of AGE "

Pictured: Jamile Neate and Doctor Tenma.WHO'S THAT POKE--- ER, MOBILE SUIT?


Synopsis: The Unknown Enemy continues to attack the colony of Nora. Federation soldiers disagree over what action to take involving evacuation and the ship Diva. Flit tries to help a girl, Yurin, who is at first afraid of the Gundam. Deputy Commander Grodek Aiona takes command of the Diva, which launches into space. Flit launches the Gundam into space but has difficulty fighting. The "AGE System"" is activated to provide Flit support. Flit uses the DOTS Rifle to engage an enemy MS, destroying the enemy easily. But then more mobile suits arrive.

But where do they keep things?"Wait, we have an Oscar and Marker?!"


The second episode is much like the first in that it really didn't impress me, but it didn't waste my time, either. We get to see the White Base of the show, the Diva, and we get the Jamil Neate-like Grodek Aiona. I was happy to see Marker and Oscar analogues on the bridge of the ship. We also see the Gundam use the "AGE System", which provides weapons for it. There's a lot of the second episode of the original Gundam in this, with characters looking around the damaged colony for survivors.

Apparently there's some disagreement over how to use the Diva, which leads Grodek (who I have a feeling will be my favorite character) to tie up the dreadlock guy and his cronies and take control of Diva himself. Instead of a Gundamjack, we have sort of a shipjack. What sort of ship name is "Diva"? It sounds like something Lacus Clyne should command. It's a bit of a bland design, too.

In fact, much of the episode is fairly average and Flit remains a bit bland. Though at least he isn't sobbing about his situation. In fact, he's almost eerily controlled in this situation. I don't think we have to see water works, but the least he can do is have some tangible emotion. He feels like a plug-in, project-your-own-traits-here, but I see a little potential for growth. I wonder if the girl he picked up will be a love interest for him. I have a feeling if she is, it means poor Emily is doomed to Fraw Bow Land, a stunning stretch of land in the Friend Zone. I own a condo there.

The CGI in the AGE System scene was frankly embarrassing to watch. You'd think that Sunrise would have the budget to make it not look like crap. And what's the difference between his regular beam rifle and the DOTS Rifle? It didn't seem that different, other than being a bit stronger.

All in all, I'm not blown away, but it was decent enough. Gundam shows can take a while to really kick in, so I'll try to be patient.


Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5


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