Gundam AGE Episode 04 Review


Episode 04, "The White Wolf"
Synopsis:  Mobile suit ace Woolf Enneacle awakens on the Diva and is assigned as the head of mobile suit forces on the crew. He desires to pilot Flit's Gundam, but Flit objects. The two decide to have a duel contest to see who's a more fit pilot. The two are attacked by the UE and team up to escape. The UE's cloaking technology leads Grodek Aiona to the knowledge of who they really are. 
The episode introduces mobile suit racer (?) star, Woolf Enneacle, who ends up being a rival of Flit's. He's arrogant and likes to hit on women. He challenges Flit to a contest whose winner will decide who pilots the Gundam. Who does this remind you of? If Woolf were also a heavy drinker, he'd be Bernard Monsha from Gundam 0083. In fact, this episode reminds me of episode 3 of that less than stellar OVA. Only Monsha isn't a kitten eared pretty boy, so I guess he's a totally different character? Well, actually, Woolf doesn't come across quite as bad as Monsha, but at the same time, isn't as fun a character. 
I wonder what the "grand prix" spoken of is indeed a speed race between mobile suits, maybe something like IGPX. I'm already more interested in Woolf's past than his present. As head of the mobile suit forces, you'd think the most powerful suit would go right to him, contest or not. You'd want to get the most out of your best weapon, so giving him to the best soldier is a smart move. But I guess Flit knows Gundam better than anyone. Really, though, it's because he's the main character that he'll get to keep using the Gundam. It might have been different to see Woolf get it for a little while and end up not using it as well, or something along those lines. The "rivals working together dissolving their differences" route is a little played out. 
The Unknown Enemy's big ship (more ugly CG) uses cloaking technology. You don't see a lot of this in Gundam. For some reason the captain gets an idea about who they really are, so maybe we'll know by the end of the next episode. I haven't really thought about it. I just figured they were a secretive group, but are human. I'm still hoping the spoilers I read about this show are wrong. 
I'm still not impressed. 


Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5

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