HG Shining Gundam - Reviewed on GGIN


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Before I go much further I need to mention that it’s been an incredibly long time since I built a HG kit. In fact, the only 1/144 scale kit I worked on in the past four years has been the RG Strike. Heading into this project I have some reservations. I remember a time when the HG kits weren’t the most impressive models, laden with questionable joints and countless stickers. With trepidation I began building this kit and found out very early on that it was… fun!
2011 started with one extremely complicated project, the PG Strike Freedom. With that troubling time still fresh in my memory I found Shining Gundam’s simplicity and ease of construction refreshing. Not only was it a fun build but it’s a fun to own. While there are a couple issues here and there it’s incredibly posable, a necessity for a kit built around hand to hand combat.


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