Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 29 Review

Episode 29, "The Geier Takes Flight"
Schaft (you're damn right)Death flags for Kempf
Synopsis: The Imperial Chief Engineer, Schaft, proposes a plan to transport Geiersburg Fortress to Iserlohn to do battle. Admiral Kempf is assigned to command the operation, with Admiral Müller as assistant. At Iserlohn, Yang and Julian have dinner with the Caselnes family and a discussion of Yang's personal security and position comes up.
Mittermeyer plays poolAn Iserlohn factory
Another episode where not an abundance of events occured, but one where at least the plot is moving forward with. Clearly the big thing is the proposal of the fortress-to-fortress battle.
Even though not a lot happened, we finally crossed over from Chapter 2 of the third book to Chapter 3. The episode starts off at near the beginning of Chapter 2 and then skips over material covered by previous episodes to Chapter 3, with Yang and Julian's time at dinner with the Caselneses. The way pacing is in this series this season, we'll probably be on Chapter 3 for the next few episodes. They're going back and forth in parts of chapters at this point.
Schaft is an amusing character, both physically and mentally. He's clearly a throwback to the old Empire, a pompous, overfed, possibly drunk gasbag who barely has any accomplishments on his record. He is quick to bring up Kircheis to ingratuate himself to Reinhard (Reinhard clearly finds this annoying) and he's incredibly long-winded in his speech to Kempf and Müller. As it is stated, Reinhard would love to get rid of him, but hasn't had any particular chance to, because he's somehow kept his nose clean enough not to attract negative attention. In other words, Schaft is an irritating fellow. But his plan, such as it is, isn't a bad one. Take a fortress to fight a fortress.
The Chapter 3 material is the dinner on Iserlohn. In the book, though, Yang is present when Alex Caselnes tells Julian to be like a poison-taster for Yang. Here, it's a more serious, private conversation between Caselnes and Julian. But either way, it's nice to see Yang can socialize every once in a while. As for Julian, Yang makes a good point to Caselnes that he doesn't really have friends his own age. He spends his time around "messed up adults". Julian's peers seem to be people like Walter von Schönkopf and Olivier Poplin, rather than other young men like him. On the one hand, he gets to grow up associating with very talented individuals, but you can't help believe that Julian might be wasting his youth not doing things those his own age do.
I suspect we'll finally be getting back to the doings of Phezzan and the schemes of Adrian Rubinsky in the next episode. It is largely what's in the chapter that shares the name of the next episode, after all.
A family dinnerOff to bed
Overall Score:
3.5 out of 5

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